Sep 13, 2011

Hello LOMO!

And then the Lomos came to us! Having had the Monsoon Lomo-walk experience and having seen the results of it we just couldn't wait any longer to order Lomos for ourselves. I think the whole experience of trying out candid photography at the walk proved to be a big catalyst in our decision making and it actually drove us to order the cameras instead of just thinking and talking about them. 

I ordered the La Sardina and brain ordered a Holga TLR. They were shipped from Hong Kong to our doorstep in just one day and we have been really happy with the brilliant results they are giving us. Thanks Lomography



  1. I want the La Sardina! I want the La Sardina too! Please help me buy it.

  2. Hehhe! You can bum it off me someday :P

  3. Did you consider taking off the lens cap before taking that =)

  4. I thought you weren't supposed to think before shooting! :D