Oct 25, 2011

Colours we spread

Jumping a few chapters ahead in the Lomo story, something really interesting happened a couple of days back, which I must tell you about. One evening, while we were treating ourselves with some spicy Naga food and red wine, Anbu and Nitina (the sweet people that they are), suggested that we present Lomography at this forum called Open Show. The name got registered in my head and, like always, got forgotten too, until a day or two prior to the submission deadline. I woke up from deep sleep, selected my lomographs and pushed brain into selecting his. He wrote something quickly in the write-up column and we submitted our entry to the Bangalore edition of Open Show.

Next week, this is what landed up in my inbox. We were one of the five participants presenting at Open Show Bangalore #6. Excited as we were presenting for the first time in a public forum, we created our Piggy & The Brain cards and an event poster too. The show went great and everyone seemed to love our presentation and the colours that we spread :)


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