Oct 30, 2011

This Piggy Nose

Technically this should have been the first post on this blog, but that's not how I work. So, why 'This Piggy Nose'? Because, the nose is pig-y. Simple. I have heard it from everyone (those who bother enough to notice it or those who have no choice but to notice it), over and over again. From parents to boyfriends and to friends. To an extent that there was a time when I would get nightmares of my pig like nose. Some of them are still clear in my head. There was one in which I was standing in front of an ornate mirror and trying to chop it off my face. I can draw this one out, seriously! And then there was one in which I had painted a series of paintings based on my nose. I was a Piggy-Painter in that one. Funny but true.

Guess the nightmares are turning real. Guess that's what I am in real life today, a Piggy-Painter. Though, the pig nose series is yet to be done. Soon.


PS. I am yet to watch Penelope but that's how I looked standing in-front of the mirror. Jeez!


  1. Piggy nose? I don't see it honestly but I think it's a fun moniker! :o)

  2. You haven't noticed close enough ;) Thanks :o)