Nov 12, 2011

Where Gods are born

Getting back to the unfinished pages in the Lomo story? Yes, I am. So, this time I bunked work one day to go have fun with the Sardina. And I don't regret it, seeing what has come out of it, or otherwise. Having heard a lot about Potter's Town, here in Bangalore, an ex-colleague of mine and I set ourselves on this never ending journey to the land where, apparently, Gods are born. It was one hell of a journey that went by asking directions, changing buses, autos and what not! What I was really looking forward to shoot was wheel-work, but Ganesha festival being around the corner, what we ended up witnessing was colourful idols being cast, some of them being salvaged, apart from a lot of pots trying to attack us in the middle of everything ;)

More photographs from this day, here.


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