Nov 17, 2011

4 a.m. conversations

Mood? Awake. 4 a.m. in the morning (or night should I say?!) and my eyes are wide open. Yes, morning flights, and I am not even the one flying. I am the one sitting in-front of this machine and blurting out random things that I can thinking of at this hour.

From staying up all nights figuring out meters to feet, rubbing charcoal on newsprint, drinking away the happy nights, having fun conversations (complex other times), juggling between umpteen pieces of work, hallucinating, mindlessly staring at the screen to helping someone catch a flight, 4 a.m.s have been interesting and strange at the same time. Somehow I have been feeling all grown up in the past few weeks, guess I am done feeling like that for today.

*Out of bed*


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