Nov 19, 2011

I like to look for things that no one else catches

Recently, I was asked by someone if I could tell something about myself. After a little thinking, the first two words that my imagination could grab were, colours and dreams. It's true. These two words somehow manage to complete most pictures for me, even when I am not consciously thinking about them. I am beginning to know myself better, each day. *Feels all grown up again*

And on this note I shall present to you a bunch of other questions that Mr. Someone asked me and published them too on the Lomography website in their Analogue Lifestyle Magazine. Read my interview here. It has been featured as a part of their 5 Question Series. In this series they ask photographers worldwide, a set of 5 questions on analogue photography. My turn this time, yay! The pictures (featured in the interview too) you see above have been shot at the Dastkar Nature Bazaar, held in Bangalore sometime back. The mela is a Lomo-heaven for Lomo-heads, apart from being an Indian art and craft mecca for everyone. For more shots from the bazaar, see this.


Post Title - Amélie

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