Nov 19, 2011

Of obsessions, bottles, sketchbooks and projects

At different points of time in life, different things catch your fancy and resonate with you. It could be anything, an old film, a song, a painting, a photograph, a particular book, a random conversation, a space, a building, someone's face, trees, clouds, the embrace of light or simply a mug of coffee for that matter. Of all these beauteous things that keep happening to me every once in a while, some fuel my imagination, some make me happy, some make me wonder and having played their respective roles in my life, some of them die in due course of time. While there are some that grab a front seat in my head for long and go on to become obsessions of different sorts. This time it's glass bottles that have done this to me. I am truly obsessed with them, bottles.

Some of you who bother to look at my doodles, must have guessed it already. For those of you who don't, up is a glimpse of one. There's something that they speak to me and I want to morph them into everything I see. They are eveywhere around me, all over the place, in the hall, the utility, the rooms and most of all in my head. Yes, I refuse to throw them away. I have been up to a lot of interesting things with them. Keep an eye on this space as I plan to share all that interesting stuff here as well.

Apart from bottles, Sketchbook Project 2012 by Art House Co-op is another thing that had been occupying a portion of my head till I finally decided to participate in it. Friends, friends of friends participating and sharing their sketchbooks, really inspired me to go ahead and register myself and this guy (I hope he completes that book of his) with the project. When it came to deciding the theme, it hardly took me any time to decide what I was going to draw. Yes, bottles! So, 'Encyclopedia of Bottles' it is, that's keeping me occupied these days and letting me combine my obsessions with my passions.

More updates on the sketchbook project soon. 


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