Jan 6, 2012

And a *Bling 2012*

In case we aren't done wishing each other, HNY! The last post is quite suggestive of the fact that my 2011 was oh-so-happily colourful. Some important decisions, a lot of moving on, taking control of life and doing things that bring a smile on my face led to the inflow of these many small fragments of bliss. Frustratingly, 2012 has started on a very bling note. And I am being very literal when I say that. Just six days down the year and my wardrobe is already under an alien attack. The same flashy aliens who try blinding me in shops, stores and almost all places I visit these days. Thanks to the wedding I am being coerced into buying a lot of bauble lately. So much that it hurts my eyes at night. The only thing that still keeps me at it is the little dose of colour that accompanies the shiny aliens here and there. Ha! Two more weeks and this too shall pass. Been trying to capture all of this on my La Sardina. Let's see if I get lucky.

It has been a week of running around in the freezing cold Delhi weather. So I have decided to take control of the situation and of my senses by staying in bed all of today, giving a break to this mindless shopping and nursing this space for a while. How's that?!


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