Dec 6, 2011

I have been busy!

So, I quit my job like three months back and I am telling you all that I have been busy. But the truth is, I have. It might sound funny but when I was in a job I had a lot of time. Now that I do have a lot of time, I've really got no time. True Story.

What has been keeping me busy? Well, I have got my fingers in a lot of pies these days. To begin with, I have been commissioned to illustrate a children's book written by this brilliant writer who happens to be an ex-colleague too. Apart from that I am collaborating with another author to illustrate a coffee table book on poetry. Thrilled as I am to reveal this that my first book cover is already out in the market! Yes, I designed/illustrated a book cover (pics up soon) recently for a Pune based publishing house. Bottles and the grand Sketchbook Project 2012 need no more words of introduction in this space. The Kaapi Project, the latest lomography project that we are up to. And, and, hold your breath, of late there's this upcoming wedding that has been keeping me extremely busy (read: stressed). Yes, OUR wedding :)

Work has taken a backseat for a while as things on the wedding front are really hotting up. Too many conversations, too many things to do. Furious weekend shopping, in and out trips to Ahmedabad-Baroda-Delhi, sizes, tailors, parents, jewelry and what not! All in all a whole bunch of things and not enough time on my hands. One more month to go and it'll all be happily at peace.

Been busy but am I complaining? Nope! Certainly not. It's a beautiful feeling, getting up each morning with a set of fresh ideas and plans circling your head and the fact that there's nothing that can probably stop you from realizing them. Ciao!


PS. That's a glimpse of my present workspace. Ain't it pretty? :)