Jan 8, 2012

Vintage. And how!

It's official, I am in love with Dry State! This time for a completely different reason though. It's not just the place that I love but some really beautiful people that I meet every time I go there. On my last visit to Ahmedabad, not only did I pick up the colourful awesomeness (check out the previous post) but also got back a fully functional typewrite with a working ribbon too. It was lying ignored in one random corner of a pretty little house till I happened to mention my desire to own one. And there it was, sitting infront of me in a couple of hours. I love this beauteous person who showers me with all these charming goodies these days :)

My writer friends will have a lot to say about this post ;) It has become my latest fad and I have put it to good use already. What? Encyclopedia of Bottles! How? Pictures up soon.



  1. Hey my sister used to have one of these back in Muscat. I think it's lying around somewhere in Kerala now. I used to love the sounds the keys made! Somehow one just doesn't get the same sense of satisfaction when there's no paper to yank out at the end of a endless series of clickety clacks on one of these...:-)

  2. Get it I say! You'll have a lot of fun :D