Mar 14, 2012

Getting Hitched and Everything That Followed

So, that's why I have been away. Before I jump ahead, the lovely photograph of us that you see has been shot by a brilliant photographer and a dear friend, Prabhat. His work, here

Getting through wedding shopping, all the pre-marriage rituals, a registered marriage, followed by a big fat Ghaziabad-Ahmedabad wedding, followed again by a blissful vacation in this city that I had a dream of seeing for as long as I can remember, can be quite overwhelming. It has been almost a month and a half since we got back to Luru town and in this one month what we've made is a home for ourselves. A space that used to be just walls and ceiling, has come to life in the past few weeks. Walls crowded with art-design-architecture frames all over, an ensemble of crazily orange-yellow-blue-purple furniture, two huge chairs which have made their way into the living room straight from the wreckage of a ship, a doubled-in-size yellow bookrack and most of all, the books that house it. This and a lot more has gone into the making of this warm space. It currently works as my studio, our library, party place, evening theatre and a lot of other things apart from being home :) Expect lotsa pictures of the space and of the Catalonian holiday in the posts to come.



  1. Ah! My favorite pic! The iPod jellyfish btw I imagine them on a backpack of a Japanese school girl... :-D

  2. Yeah, now that you've mentioned the Japanese bit again, I realise that I have been using too much of blues and pinks in my illustrations lately.. *Wondering why* :D