Aug 26, 2012

A Trunk That Was

Past couple of months have been hectic. Illustrating a story, ideating a new range of products, taking long road trips, vacationing in the lap of nature and doing a lot of new things some of which I'd really like to discuss some other time. But what really kept me occupied and on my toes this whole time was this children's story book that I was illustrating and designing till quite recently. It is something that I had been working on, on and off, for the past one year almost. A lot of fun as it was, being my first attempt at illustrating one whole book and working on creating more than one character at the same time was equally challenging. In the words of the author herself, "it is the story of a little boy who is fascinated by his grandmother's old wooden trunk". That is all I'd like to reveal of it right now apart from the fact that the illustrations have been done and the compiled book is on its way out to the publishers.

Here are some work-in-progress images from the book.


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